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Medical Insurance

Mark Elmer is registered with most of the Private Insurance companies, and commonly the insurance company will pay for the cost of the  consultation, though probably not the orthosis cost.


We would however remind patients that it is their responsibility to ensure funding is available, and to contact their Insurance  Company's Advice Desk as necessary.

Your Initial Consultation

Hospitals are increasingly requiring patients to provide credit card details on first appointment.  They may require this even  though it can be unrelated to your Orthotic appointment.


Full payment of the Consultation Cost is required at the initial appointment.

Additionally, due to the nature of procuring Orthotic products a deposit may be taken at the initial consultation, and then deducted from the final cost.


The Invoice will show both the product(s) and consultation costs separately itemised. Settlement of the outstanding costs is required at the issuing of the orthoses.


Many Orthoses are deemed as 'single use items' which means that once the orthosis is issued to the patient they are liable for its costs. Terms and conditions are supplied on request.

Payment Method


  • Debit/Credit cards
  • BACS
  • Cheque - made payable to Premier Orthotics Ltd.
  • Cash

Insurance Authorisation

Premier Orthotics manages all aspects of the consultation process, however, if you have private medical insurance you will need to ensure they are prepared to pay for your Orthotic treatment.

  • Commonly insurance companies will pay for the consultation costs if supported by a referral from a medical consultant.
  • They will not always fund the cost of the Orthosis (product)
  • You should request an authorisation number from your Insurer, prior to your appointment.
  • Patients should realise that ultimately, funding of the treatment is their responsibility, and their contract and insurance funding details is not the responsibilty of Premier Orthotics Ltd. 

Non-Attendance of Appointments

If you need to Cancel an appointment please do so at-least  24hours prior to that appointment otherwise the appointment costs are required in full.


On the rare occassion patients forget their appointment, unfortunately, due to room hire & professional costs, the cost of this appointment must be met by the patient, and is required prior to their next appointment.


Should you have any concerns in the management of your treament at any stage please feel free to phone or write. We will endeavor to make all aspects of your treatment experience as easy and efficient as possible.

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