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Premier Orthotics offers the following services:

Your Appointment

Parking is free and close to the main Hospital entrance. Your Orthotic Consultation is conducted in the comfortable surroundings of a private Hospital with coffee available on arrival. Please arrive just prior to your appointment time as Appointments are typically prompt. Sufficient time is allocated for a full initial assessment. If you are unable to attend your appointment please inform us 24hrs prior to your appointment; otherwise a charge will be incured for non-attendance.

Consultation Preparation

In preparation for your consultation it is advised that you come prepared for an examination of your legs/body and wear shorts or appropriate attire.

Bring an additional pair of shoes in case we need to further examine the wear pattern, or take the footwear as a point of  reference or alteration.

If you wish to be chaperoned by another staff member please inform us beforehand, so that arrangements can be made.

Data Privacy

Your personal data (Name, address,  date of birth, contact numbers and email) will not be passed on to any third party other than for the purposes of informing your referrer or GP etc, who are directly involved in your care, the outcome of your Orthotic Consultation. Acceptance of this appointment and subsequent interactions with Premier Orthotics will automatically assume consent to this information being held. Your ‘privacy information’ will be retained for eight years and then be archived or destroyed by ‘confidential waste shredding’. Should you NOT wish us to hold information please contact us.


Mark Elmer has been working with Paediatric patients for over 30 years and dealt with complex neuromuscular cases, such as those found in children with cerebral palsey, though all types of medical conditions can be addressed.

Domiciliary Visits

Domiciliary visits (home visits) can be arranged, the cost of this is dependent on your location.

Referral Method

Referrals can be via:

  • Consultants
  • GPs
  • Physiotherapists
  • Health Professionals
  • Self Referral

An Orthotic referral form is available to medical staff should they choose to use this rather than send a letter, alternatively an email can be sent or appointment made by phone.

Medical Legal Reports

Orthotic consultations and Professional cost effective Medical Legal Reports carried out on behalf of legal firms for their clients.


Expert Witness Reports presented in a detailed but easy to read manner and promptly provided, for both Claimants & Defendants. Also, Case Management Reports.


Mark Elmer is experienced in Report Writing and has attended the Expert Witness Institute course for Part 35 CPR Report Writing.

Call Us

Premier Orthotics can help! Call:

T: 0117 986 33 22

F: 0117 986 33 55

Clinic Locations:

Premier Orthotics Ltd

Bristol Nuffield Hospital - The Chesterfield

3 Clifton Hill





The Nuffield Hospital are unable to admit children 3 and under.

Premier Orthotics Ltd

The Bath Clinic

Claverton Down Road

Combe Down




The Bath Clinic are unable to admit children 18 and under.

Premier Orthotics Ltd

London, Harley Street.


(Medico-Legal Reports)

Severn Way Surgery

Severn Way




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